Control Panels

Star Air Systems custom builds each breathing air control panel out of Stainless Steel. A brush finish and chrome gauges give our high pressure air panels an awesome look while maintaining extreme durability. Our high pressure control panels are plumbed with stainless steel tubing to increase your level of safety! Star air panel systems can be ordered O2 clean.

The breathing air control panel is an extremely important part of your breathing air system! The Air Control Panel Regulator is set by user, and regulates the air going in to the bottle, eliminating unsafe filling pressures to be exceeded! On a cascade air control panel you take advantage of the full capability of your system! This method simply allows you to get more fills from your storage system!

Star Air Systems provides a full range of high pressure control panels as well as low pressure control panels and accessories designed to fit your application. low pressure retractable hose reels for life saving equipment to high pressure retractable hose reels to refill a mobile cascade system our control panel systems can be incorporated in to many different applications. Customize your high pressure control panel with optional CO monitor to increase your level of Safety in Hazardous environments.

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