• Model: E4-7.5-A6

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The SA7.5 breathing air compressor (BAC) block is 4 stage, air cooled, splash lubricated, has inter coolers and after cooler, relief valves on all stages, and a multi-blade flywheel fan to provide high velocity cooling over the compressor. Standard BAC equipment includes an auto-drain system, inner stage gauges, hour meter, high pressure shut down, carbon-monoxide visual indicator and a fully enclosed, sound dampened cabinet with gauge panel. The filtration system consists of one chamber rated at 24,000 cu. ft. of air capacity at 80 degrees. The system uses a dryer bed to remove water in excess of dew point ā€“65 degrees. (NFPA 1500 standard) Activated charcoal and a carbon monoxide catalyst remove remaining contaminants to provide CGA Grade ā€œEā€ breathing air. Additional filtration capacity can added for high volume users. The minimum requirement for single-phase operation is a 40 Amp, 230 Volt connection. The minimum requirement for three-phase operation is a 30 Amp, 230 or 208 Volt connection.


  • Excellent portability
  • Four stage BAC compressor block
  • 6000 PSI (414 bar) maximum pressure
  • Grade E breathing air filtration system
  • Hour meter comes standard


  • Pressure switch
  • Automatic condensate drains
  • Electric hour meter
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Visual CO & moisture indicator
  • Inverter drive for use with smaller generators


Single Phase Electric
Filling Time* Approx. 8 Minutes
Cubic Feet/Minute 10 SCFM
Liters/Minute 283
Engine Options Electric
115 V / E1 / 60 Hz N/A
230 V / E1 / 60 Hz Standard
230 V / E3 / 60 Hz N/A
400 V / E3 / 50 Hz N/A
440 V / E3 / 60 Hz N/A
Engine Power NA
Max Operating Pressure 6000 PSI (413 bar)
RPM 2800
Number of Stages 4
Number of fill hoses NA
Condensate Drain Automatic
Sound Level @ 3 Meters 87 dB
Dimensions 66.75in h x 23in d x 36in w
Weight 900 lbs (408 kg)
Splash Lubrication.
Air Quality
DIN 3188 - CGA Grade E Breathing Air - NFPA 1500 - EN12021


Autodrains Standard
Auto Shutdown Pressure Switch Standard
Hour Meter Standard
CO & Moisture Indicator $240

*Single 80 cu ft cylinder from 500 to 3000 psi. ** Part number reflects 60 Hz, call for information on 50 Hz models.

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