C-E4-15-A6 High Pressure Vertical Compressor

  • Model: C-E4-15-A6

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  • 4 Stage Artic Compressor Block featuring:
    • Air Cooled with a High Velocity, 10 Bladed Fan
    • Relief Valves on All Stages
    • Aluminium Inter Coolers
    • Stainless Steel After Cooler
    • Interstage and Final Moisture Separators
    • Aluminum Crankcase
    • Forged Steel Crankshaft
    • Cast Iron Cylinders
  • Fully Enclosed Sound Dampened Cabinet
  • Lift Off Panel Hinges
  • Liquid Filled Interstage Pressure Gauges
  • Moisture/Carbon Monoxide Visual Indicator
  • Double Rubber Vibration Isolation
  • Automatic Condensate Drain System
  • Pressure Switch
  • Hour Meter
  • Single or Three Phase Electric Motor
  • Emergency Stop Push Button


  • 24,000 Cu. Ft. at 80 degrees Fahrenheit filtration system designed to provide C.G.A. Grade “E” breathing air.
  • System uses a dryer bed to remove water in excess of dew point –65 degrees. (NFPA 1500 standard)
  • Activated charcoal and a carbon monoxide catalyst remove remaining contaminants to provide CGA Grade “E” breathing air.


  • Real Time Electronic CO Monitor
  • Additional Filtration Capacity
  • Low Oil Level Shutdown


The compressor requires a minimum 31 AMP, 230 or 208 Volt connection for three-phase operation

Additional Information:

Arctic Compressor Brochure
Arctic Compressor Manual

Model C-E4-15-A6
PSI 6000
CFM 21
HP 15
Stages 4
RPM 1100
Weight 880

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