Breathing Air Trailers

High pressure breathing air cascade systems equipped on an open or closed trailer, with your choice of a complete line of total containment cascade fill stations to fill SCUBA tanks and SCBA packs. Star Air Systems containment fill stations are designed to operate up to 6,000 PSI pressure rating. The Fill Stations are designed to protect the operator during the filling of SCBA and SCUBA cylinders. In the unlikely event of a cylinder rupture during the filling process the SCBA/ SCUBA fill stations are designed to vent the rapidly expanding air out the top while containing all fragments inside the fill station.

The SCBA or SCUBA cascade fill stations come standard with a four bank cascade control panel, high pressure regulator, fill valve, auxiliary fill valve w/ outlet manifold. Gauges include one per bank, supply, regulated pressure, fill, and auxiliary. Custom Fill Panels are available. A door interlock safety valve keeps the user from filling with the door open!

Get the best protection with Star Air Systems SCUBA/ SCBA fill Stations!

Standard Cascade Fill Stations Feature:

*Compressor Inlet Valve
*Supply Gauge
*Hand Adjustable Regulator
*Regulated Outlet Gauge
*SCBA/SCUBA Fill Valve
*Regulated Auxiliary Outlet
*Four Bank Cascade Controls, one gauge and one valve per bank
*Door Inter-lock to prevent filling with door open
*Tilt out door with cylinder holders on the door for ease of loading and unloading
*Electro statically painted with stainless steel control panel

Star Air Systems Custom High Pressure Cascade Fill Station on Trailer with 8 Bank Air Control Panel



Star Air Systems Custom High Pressure Cascade Fill Station...
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