Welcome to Star Air Systems we provide breathing air systems, breathing air compressors, cartridges, filters, air testing, and related breathing equipment utilized in Fire Fighting, Emergency Services, and SCUBA.

We are a leading supplier of breathing air compressors, compressor parts, and related equipment. We supply a full range of breathing air compressors at pressures up to 5000 and 6000 psi. We supply SCBA and SCUBA containment fill stations for your safety when filling high pressure bottles. Star Air Systems provides a full range of air control panels and can be customized to fit your application. From low pressure retractable hose reels for life saving equipment to high pressure retractable hose reels to refill mobile cascade systems our air control panels can be incorporated in to many different applications. Customize your high pressure control panel with optional CO monitor to increase your level of Safety in Hazardous environments.

We supply aftermarket Bauer filters, Bauer cartridges, and Bauer compressor parts. We also supply filters, cartridges, and parts for many other compressors including Mako, Eagle, Coltri, Hamworty, Ingersoll, Scott, Allied, Fluid Concepts, Hypress, and others. Star air systems has routine air test programs (mandated by NFPA 1989), and annual preventative maintenance plans. We can service every make and model compressor in the industry contact us today for a quote.

Star Air Systems specializes in mobile scba and scuba breathing air systems. we supply mobile command stations, Hazmat trailers, and mobile cascade systems. For in station and mobile use, we provide a variety of NFPA-1901 compliant protective fill stations, in single, two and three position models. We provide 4500 psi cascade, 5000 psi cascade, 6000 psi cascade and ASME and DOT cascade systems. Look to Star Air Systems for a full line of custom air control panels, CO monitors, and replacement SCBA bottles.

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